A Homecoming for Don Vermentino

Don Vermentino is a “charming white” recently paired in the range with the beautiful Alicante, forgotten lovers or more precisely forgotten grape varieties. Each has its story.

alma cersius vermentino, rolle

Don Vermentino is an explorer… out to conquer new worlds, unfertile lands, hot and strong in mineral potential. He stopped in Italy, Sardinia, Corsica and Provence. He crossed the lands of Béziers ten years ago and made it its home …. A bit like the beautiful Alicante
It is a story of immigration and integration: arriving in a territory, a climate, trying out a land to be sure to be nourished, then to settle in by harmonizing the essence of his character and that of his new homeland.
Don Vermentino has remained true to himself. With us it suits him to be alone. He refreshes us and exudes his perfumes mingled with citrus and white flowers.

We have learned to understand him, to offer him his freedom of expression, without borders, nor chemistry. We allow Don Vermentino to just be himself: authentic, reborn and generous.

For the pleasure of our palates and our tables.

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Alma Cersius