Aurélie et GuillaumeAurelie and Guillaume spent two weeks in the country of the rising sun, an adventure they will remember …

In a few words?

“Hospitality, serenity, respect, cleanliness, graciousness…

This professional destination will remain engraved in our memory and in our hearts.

Japan is a remarkable country, calm and rich in human values.

A country of stark contrasts, where customs and ancestral ceremonial values contrast with an ever developing modernity.DSC07627

On the sales and marketing plan, we gained a better understanding of the expectations and needs; moreover we have been inspired.

Gastronomy is a refinement of subtle sensations; new tastes, new flavors. Even the wasabi and sake are combined perfectly with sushi, shabu shabu …

Everything is delicate and sweet flavors are generous. From this, we understand better the expectations of the Japanese palate in terms of appreciating wine. This intense and enlightening journey reinforces our commitment to support our partners and work even harder on project development.

We were charmed by the country as a whole, and the playfully capricious Mount Fuji has challenged us. ”



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Alma Cersius