Vermentino by Alma Cersius


Alicante by Alma Cersius

Harvest 2016

Guillaume & “Committed” Wines

Les Pieds dans l’Eau – Happy Holidays

Les Pieds dans l’Eau


Les Yeux dans les Etoiles 


ProWein 2015

In Vino Erotico

In Vino Erotico is an emotional wine… to be experienced. The result of long reflection and tasting done with a precise idea in mind create a wine with a touch of sensuality, aromatic enchantment and a crisp texture.
Wine is a world of sensations, In Vino Erotico was created to satisfy them. Selected parcels with delicate characteristics, associated with the art of assembling the vine produce a wine that is smooth, crisp and elegant… in white or red.

Bonne Année Happy New Year !

Les Jeudis de Béziers

ProWein 2014

Thank you Vinisud

IVE Teaser

Bonne année 2014

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Alma Cersius