Guillaume Bonzom is in the house

A graduate from Montpellier University of Oenology, Guillaume has been working in the vineyards of southern France for the past 20 years, a solid and recognized experience. Director and oenologist of Alma Cersius since 2005, he has guided the cellar on the path of success and high quality of wines marketed today.

Guillaume and his team work with over 70,000 hl of wine on average each year, and in good years up to 85,000 hl. His first concern as a master craftsman is the quality of the grapes. “When I taste the berries in our parcels before harvest, I can almost see the color! The grapes must bring serenity to the oenologist.”
Guillaume Bonzoms is Catalan by birth, they say “stubborn as a Catalan” … and it’s true! Guillaume is respectful of the traditional values, but mastering and respecting the rules of his trade has allowed him to try, to innovate, to dare new things, such as bringing back the Alicante grape variety! And the creation of Terra Patrès, wine ambassador of the IGP Pays d’OC, etc…
But the big challenge that attests to his expertise is his sense of precision and the technical and human requirement on the scale of the production of the cellar.
“The real challenge is to be good, irreproachable and consistent over tens of thousands of hectoliters without ever losing the soul of our winemakers and our territory.”

Other distinguishing character points:
– Good contact with people, down-to-earth
– Likes to travel with his wines to meet clients
And also …
– Motto is “Don’t worry, I’m on it!” – Always wears great shirts 😉

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