Snapshot of our 2017 Harvest

vendanges alma cersius, vendanges langedocThe weather was mild and allowed a beautiful harvest; cool temperatures at night were perfect for harvesting white and red grape varieties destined for the production of rosés.
The maturity of the grapes assures us of aromatic profiles. But it’s too early to say, vigilance in the winemaking process is a priority.

For 2017 we had a production of 66,000 hectoliters, a volume of about 5% lower than the 2016 vintage.

This vintage benefited from a rainy winter, which allowed the vine to have the excellent leaf surface necessary for making quality wines.

During the harvest, we also benefited from beautiful weather conditions ensuring a perfect level of maturity for our grapes:
lovely cool nights, warm sunny days, a pleasant temperature for the harvest, often accompanied by a gentle wind.

In the end we were able to easily identify, parcel by parcel, the best time for harvest without having been constrained by time.
The quality of the juices for this vintage is excellent!

The different stages of vinification are now complete, the “malos” finished, it’s the period of daily vat tastings, time to assemble and validate the composition of homogeneous lots for each wine that you already appreciate.
The Alicante is once again deep and intense, the Syrah expresses itself with velvety delicacy. Between you and me, this vintage reveals an incredibly expressive Colombard, generous, what I like to call a little gold nugget, its future to be determined soon!

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Alma Cersius