Our Commitments


    ALMA CERSIUS is committed to a collective environmental approach.
    Far from being a strategy, the approach is above all a duty, a common desire of Alma Cersius’ winegrowers to accelerate the agroecological transition.


    This certification promotes the work of our winegrowers and provides a guarantee of control over the phytosanitary products use while respecting the environment. The certification is structured around 4 essential axes:

  • Maintaining biodiversity,
  • The reduction in the use of phytosanitary products,
  • The reasoning of fertilization products,
  • The management of irrigation.
    All Alma Cersius wines come from a level 3 HVE certified vineyard.



We are implementing a QUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEM :

  •  To meet the customers’ expectations
  • To cope with competitive markets
  • To improve the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of safe and high quality products
  • To reassure consumers of the reliability of our traceability.


We want our approach to be recognized through IFS and BRC certification.



This is a set of requirements about Food safety divided in several chapters :

  • Senior Management Responsibility (Corporate Policy and Corporate Principles)
  • HACCP system
  • Planning and Production Process
  • Human Resources Management / Training / Staff facilities
  • Internal audits and factory inspections
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